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Head Injury Rehabilitation and Referral Services, Inc. (HIRRS) highly recommends Earl Varona for employment or contractual work in web site design or development or for a position as a project manager.

Mr. Varona worked as the project manager for HIRRS’ new web site. During the initial design phase, he worked closely with staff to develop a web site that reflected HIRRS’ philosophy and mission. He quickly grasped the nature of our business and was able to translate that information into our unique web design. He guided us through the design selection process to ensure that the design was up-to-date and met accessibility requirements.

During the development phase of the project, Mr. Varona kept in touch with HIRRS staff, keeping us updated on the progress of the site. He took time to discuss key features that would be desirable additions to our site. He provided us with a detailed list of content that we needed to provide and gave us helpful information regarding the placement of content, photos and pages.

During the testing phase, he continued to follow-up to correct any issues that arose. In general this phase was easy as there were few problems due to the efforts he made in previous interactions with us.

Our site has over 40 pages, included many photos, and a special section for employees only. HIRRS is extremely pleased with the final web site product and now uses the site as the agency’s web page. The overall success was primarily due to Mr. Varona’s outstanding work.