Hello! I am a multidisciplinary designer specializing in

UX & Interaction Design.

I'm currently located in Washington, DC.


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I was born and raised in Iloilo, a small island in the heart of the Philippines.

Ever since I could remember, I always had an adventurous spirit and was willing to try anything to satisfy my curiosity. This combination often got me in trouble or getting hurt in the process. When I was young, I remember falling off the roof for trying to install a rope swing, getting electrocuted for trying to fix a broken radio, or setting my mom’s dresser on fire for trying to experiment with my dad’s matches. This taught me that trial and error is the fundamental path to problem-solving - or a trip to the emergency room.

At around 9 years old, I tried my hand in starting my first “business” and learned how to engage with customers. I remember renting out my toys, video games, and comic books to kids in my neighborhood so I could make extra money. I even created a Plinko game out of plywood and nails and charged people to play. I would use the profits to buy more toys, comic books, and junk food of course.

At 11 years old, my curiosity for problem-solving grew and sparked my interest in coding. This was when my mom bought us the VTech Precomputer 1000 and it was the first time I learned how to write basic programming. At that time, I knew that I wanted to solve problems with coding.

My family would later move to Arlington, VA when I was 15 years old. There, just like that 9 year old boy, I hustled through life challenges only to get the opportunity to pursue my interest in coding. Many years later, I proudly earned my degrees in programming and design.


My career path in user experience and product design stemmed from my experience in Computer Science and Web Design. I enjoy developing functional interfaces as well as aesthetically pleasing design. However, what intrigues me the most is how a well-crafted product like a web application will affect or influence the user. My work has since revolved around bridging the gap between the user’s and the product’s goals. It’s in this great curiosity that led me to pursue a degree in Digital Media and Web Technology, as well as a minor in Psychology.


I hope to gain more experiences in user experience, user interaction, and product design. I want to get the chance to work with other designers and developers, seeing what they do differently, and learning from them. With these new experiences, I hope to expand my knowledge in this area and help create great digital products for the community. I am also hoping to some day pursue a Master’s degree in either Human Computer Interaction (HCI) or Behavioral Science. Although I am firm with my goals, I like to be flexible with my methods.



User research User schema Storyboarding User journey Task map Site map Sketch & digital Wireframes Low & high fidelity mockups Adobe XD Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Lightroom Adobe After Effects


HTML CSS XML Media Queries Sass/SCSS JavaScript jQuery AJAX JSON Grunt npm Node.js PHP ColdFusion Java JSP Java Servlet MVC OOP Unix/Linux WordPress Bootstrap Apache Tomcat MAMP Github SQL MySQL Access Oracle Atom Coda Eclipse NetBeans FileZilla CodeKit


University of Maryland University College | 2016 - 2017
B.S. Digital Media & Web Technology
Psychology Minor
Montgomery College | 2009 - 2012
A.A. Computer Science
A.A. Information Systems
A.A.S. Web Careers - Web Programming
Web Design Certificate
Java Developer Certificate
Web Development Certificate
Web Programming Certificate
Computer Programmer Certificate



Feel free to message me at earl.varona@gmail.com